We're hiring - Senior Bike Tech!

The Bicycle Tree is seeking applicants for our new Senior Bike Tech position! Please submit your resume to info@thebicycletree.org, inquire at the shop, or apply via the following link:


Job Description

Employer: Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE) - The Bicycle Tree

Job Title: Senior Bike Tech

Reports to: The Leadership Committee of The Bicycle Tree (composed of The Bicycle Tree's active volunteers and staff)

Pay rate: $15-20/hr, commensurate with experience

Hours: 16-20 hours per week, with potential for expanded need. Must be available Fridays.

Job Summary: The Senior Bike Tech is to be a highly skilled and experienced bicycle mechanic responsible for educating The Bicycle Tree’s volunteers and clientele about bicycles and for evaluating, repairing, and pricing used and new bikes, parts, and accessories. The Senior Bike Tech will collaborate to implement and maintain the systems of organizing inventory, and will carry out the advertising, sale, and shipping of merchandise online. The Senior Bike Tech must be able to interact agreeably with a diverse clientele and volunteer base, and be able to multitask in a fluid environment where one’s attention may frequently be pulled in different directions.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Ability to speak and write English clearly.

  • Ability to communicate effectively with a wide diversity of people.

  • Knowledge and passion regarding bicycles and their social and environmental significance.

  • Excellent practical knowledge of a wide variety of bicycles and parts (including those dating back to the 1970s and earlier).

  • Ability to efficiently and accurately carry out the repair, overhaul, and maintenance of all types of bicycles, including wheel truing, bearing overhauls, derailleur adjustments, and brake service (including hydraulic disc brakes).

  • Ability to clearly articulate mechanical concepts to others.

  • Competence with inventory and retail management.

  • Basic computer competency (to be used with online advertising platforms like Craigslist, eBay, and OfferUp, and collaboration tools like Google Docs and Trello).

Preferred Skills and Qualifications:

  • Conversational Spanish fluency strongly preferred.

  • Able to lift 50 lbs.

  • Able to ride a bicycle 20 miles or more at 10 mph or greater.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Guiding and educating volunteers and clientele as they repair bicycles

  • Advising, implementing, and maintaining systems of organizing bikes, thousands of used and new parts, and accessories.

  • Evaluating, repairing, and pricing bikes, parts, and accessories.

  • Documenting inventory.

  • Advertising and selling merchandise online (most items will be sold at the shop), packing and shipping select items.

We've signed the lease on our new location!

We have finally signed the lease on our new location! After a painful process involving half a year of searching, dead ends, fake-outs, and delays, we've gotten The Bicycle Tree a new home at 17th and Flower in Santa Ana. This keeps us close to our previous Main St. location and brings us closer to Santa Ana College, Willard Intermediate, and other schools. We'll have more space here, too, with greater square footage and high ceilings.

We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to this process, and we thank everyone for their patience with this interruption to our services. We're still mapping out our build-out and move-in schedule, but we expect to be open in about a month. Alllllriiiiiggghhhht!

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Ride your bike quickly, confidently, and safely after taking FREE Confident Cycling classes with SAAS! Participants receive FREE helmets and quality Cat Eye bike lights, plus invaluable skills to last a lifetime.

These classes will be held on many Saturdays and Sundays starting Saturday, April 16th and running through the summer.

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Santa Ana bicyclist killed in hit-and-run at Warner and Pacific

From BikinginLA: Santa Ana bike rider killed in late night hit-and-run

This is the second bicyclist fatality in Santa Ana this year. This particular fatality — a hit-and-run — happened just a block away from the most recent Luces Vivas location. (Luces Vivas is a bike safety outreach program run by our dear friends at Santa Anta Active Streets and participated in by many The Bicycle Tree volunteers, where we give away free bike lights and helmets.)

Days like today are hard for bike activists. It can feel like we’re not doing enough, that the changes we’ve seen are just too little too late. Despair is tempting right about now. But despair is a luxury we can’t afford if we’re going to realize our dream of an Orange County where tragedies like this are inconceivable, instead of all-too-frequent.

Of course, our sadness is nothing compared to the grief that must be felt by the family and friends of the victim. We wish them our wholehearted condolences. 

If you have any information that could help lead to justice for the cowardly monster responsible for this crime, please contact Cpl. Matt Wharton at (714) 245-8209.