REI stores hold bike maintenance classes at their Tustin and Huntington Beach locations. You can’t repair your bike during the class, but these classes are a great opportunity to take knowledge home and with you on the road and trail.

Orange County Service Garage in Laguna Hills offers well-equipped workstation rental and mechanical advice.

Several other local bike shops, such as The Unlikely Cyclist and Two Wheels One Planet, also have maintenance clinics.


Non-Profit Bike Centers Outside Orange County

The Bicycle Kitchen Los Angeles, CA

Bici Libre Los Angeles, CA

The Bike Oven Highland Park, CA

The Bikerowave Mar Vista, CA

The Valley Bikery Van Nuys, CA

Bikesanas del Valle San Fernando, CA

The Bike BBQ  Redlands, CA

Bikes del Pueblo San Diego, CA


Bike Schools

If you are interested in getting started in designing, building, and working on bikes on a professional level, these schools offer courses and certification:

United Bicycle Institute, Ashland, Oregon

Barnett Bicycle Institute, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Center for Appropriate Transport, Eugene, Oregon