ways to volunteer at The Bicycle Tree

The Bicycle Tree is run by volunteers. We'd be delighted if you join us!

Volunteers with bike repair skills are always especially appreciated. But no matter your skills, we can use your help! Here's a partial list of some of the many volunteer opportunities available at The Bicycle Tree:



Skilled bike mechanics are at the heart of the services we offer. Even if your bike mechanic skills don't go much beyond fixing a flat, you're still welcome to show up and help out — it's a great hands-on opportunity to develop your bike repair skills.


If you're not comfortable helping people fix their bikes, we can still use your assistance at the shop. You can help us organize or clean the shop, assist customers, and answer the phone, amongst other tasks.  


We regularly attend a variety of community events, and can always use personable volunteers to tell members of the public about who we are and what we do.


We can use a hand in bringing greater awareness of the services we offer through various avenues, including our website, facebook, twitter, tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest.


We are always putting out new flyers and other promotional/ informational materials. Graphic design help is always needed!


As a non-profit community organization, we can use all the assistance we can get to help us build relationships with people who would like to help fund the work we do.


We can use help with event planning, volunteer coordination, and business outreach. We are receptive to your suggestions for fundraising activities.


We have flyers to distribute at bike rides, coffee shops, record stores, campuses, community centers, on the street… anywhere people will find them! Come to the shop to pick up a stack!


Getting started

The most important thing about getting started with volunteering at The Bicycle Tree? Just show up! The optimum time to start is on Fridays between 1 and 8, when we have volunteer hours. But if that doesn't work for you, just drop by during normal shop hours, or visit us at one of our many events!

New volunteers are encouraged to fill out our Volunteer Information Form and submit it via email or in person. You may also download our Volunteer Handbook.

If you’re ready to volunteer, get in touch!



Is your organization looking for a group volunteer activity? Get in touch with us at The Bicycle Tree! We regularly host a wide array of volunteer organizations, from student clubs to church groups to corporate outreach organizations. 


Other ideas

Did you have another idea for how you'd like to volunteer with us? Hit us up! We're very receptive to new ideas and new ways to engage volunteers.