We'll help you FIX YOUR BIKE

Our friendly volunteer mechanics are on site four days a week to help you fix up your bike. We'll give you as much help as you need to help you fix your own bike. You can use our complete set of bike tools to perform almost any repair.

We have a wide array of quality secondhand parts in stock. This means that repairs at our shop are almost always significantly cheaper than they would be at an ordinary bike shop.

A donation of $7 per hour is suggested for using our tools and/or the assistance of our volunteer mechanics, but no one is turned away for lack of funds.


can I drop off my bike for repairs?


The Bicycle Tree is a non-profit community bike center and shop. Helping people become empowered, knowledgeable bicyclists is a central part of our mission. We believe that learning even just the basics of bike repair makes owning and riding your bike safer, more affordable, and more enjoyable. By learning about your bike, not only are you empowering yourself, you're helping make your community — and yourself — healthier and safer.

Don't worry if you have zero natural aptitude for mechanical things. Bike repair is easier (and more fun!) than you might imagine. Especially when you're helped by our friendly volunteer bike mechanics!