We have weekly classes at the shop on a variety of bike-related subjects.


Classes on Tuesdays, 7 - 8:30pm at the shop


Suggested donation of $5 per class. Free for volunteers.


Class Topics

Here's a list of some of the classes we offer. For our class schedule, and information on future classes, please visit our calendar.


Basic Bike Maintenance

Essential information about keeping your bike running smoothly. Learn to:

•  Identify the parts of your bike
•  Keep your tires at the correct pressure
•  Keep your bike clean
•  Clean and lube your chain
•  Recognize common problems
•  Fundamentals of fitting your bike to your body and riding needs
•  Remove and install a wheel, introduction to fixing a flat
And more!


Fix-a-Flat Workshop

Knowing how to repair a flat tire is one of the most important skills to learn for bicycling happiness. We'll teach you this fundamental skill. This will be a hands-on workshop where each participant will repair a flat tire. In this workshop, we will:

•  Discuss the wide world of tires, tubes, tire liners, rim strips, and rims.
•  Remove wheels from bikes
•  Remove tires from rims using tire levers
•  Remove inner tubes, identify their sizing, find holes, and patch them. We will also discuss selecting and using new tubes.
•  Install tubes and tires on the wheel
•  Install wheels on bikes
•  Air tires to proper pressure

We will have bikes and wheels to use for the class — no need to bring your own bike.


Brakes and Derailleurs

It's no fun when your brakes are squeaking, barely stopping you, or worse. It also is a bummer when your gears are grinding and slipping. Bike maintenance knowledge to the rescue!

Learn the fundamentals of:

• Adjusting brake and derailleur cables to proper tension
• Brake pad adjustment and replacement
• Brake centering
• Cleaning rims for rim brakes
• Derailleur positioning
• Derailleur limit screw adjustment
• Steel derailleur hanger alignment
• Replacing cables and housing


Hubs, Headsets, and Bottom Brackets

Interested in learning how to adjust and overhaul hubs, bottom brackets, and headsets? In this class, you'll develop an understanding of the mechanical concepts these pieces of equipment have in common.

Learn how to:

•  Dismantle hubs, bottom brackets, and headsets
•  Clean equipment
•  Identify wear and other issues
•  Apply grease
•  Reassemble equipment
•  Adjust and lock system properly


Bike Safety

Good traffic safety skills are crucial to riding a bike around town. With this class, we will:

• Clarify the laws and data relating to bicycling on the streets
• Describe the infrastructure available for bicyclists
• Analyze the traffic interactions bicycle users have with pedestrians and motorized vehicles
• Offer tips for optimizing your safety and confidence while riding the streets
• Explain how to lock your bike so you can keep it!