In anticipation of our imminent move, this Thursday, 3/2/17, will be our last open workshop day at our 811 N. Main St. location! It's been a great place, but we've outgrown it, and it's time to start preparing for our move to a new, bigger location here in Santa Ana. 

We know we're not giving you much advance notice here. We also know you're eager to hear the details about the new place and all the ways it will help us serve the community better than ever. All we can say is: soon! Stay tuned for updates. Your patience and understanding as we embark on this exciting new chapter in our history is very much appreciated. 

Meanwhile, if you have any extra time over the upcoming weeks, now would be an especially great time to volunteer with us. Please email with 'moving help' in the subject line. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped The Bicycle Tree thrive in our mission to support bicyclists and help build healthy, bicycle-friendly communities through activities, advocacy, and education.