Mission Statement


We support bicyclists and create healthy bicycle-friendly communities through activities, advocacy, and education.



We believe cycling will be commonplace, accessible, and reliable. Our culture will be deeply infused with a knowledge of and passion for bicycles. Active transportation will transform our cities into healthy, lively communities.


Our Values: Diversity

People of all kinds ride bikes. Cycling can be accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, language, skin color, belief system, or income level. We will work to make our shop space welcoming, inclusive, and helpful to as wide a variety of people as we can. Diversity brings new ideas, a variety of perspectives, and richness to any community.


Our Values: Community

Unity allows us to share information, resources, and friendship. It allows us to stand together to advocate for what we believe in. The Bicycle Tree is to be a space for the community to come together and grow together.


Our Values: Life

The Bicycle Tree has developed out of an appreciation for all life. Helping to improve and empower the lives of the people we serve is central to our motivations. We strive to be conscious of the environmental implications of what we do, both in advocating for the bicycle as transportation and in making healthful and sustainable decisions about our bicycle repair materials and practices. We also value vibrancy of life, and will incorporate joy and beauty into all that we do.