About SAAS              

Santa Ana Active Streets was formed to empower residents of our community to become leaders of the emerging active transportation movement in Santa Ana. SAAS is active in hosting community events and participating in various public meetings to provide input on active transportation policies and programs. Here is a partial list of some of the projects SAAS has originated or help lead:

Support for the inclusion of active transportation policies in the City of Santa Ana’s five ­year strategic plan. The plan includes funding to improve walking and biking in Latino Health Access’ Wellness Corridor program.

Presented recommendations in the update of the City of Santa Ana’s Circulation Element to ensure that the Bikeways Master Plan reflects the interests of Santa Ana active transportation commuters, including safe routes to school for youth.
Advocated for the inclusion of safe, protected bike lanes in the City of Santa Ana’s Harbor Mixed Use Transit Corridor Plan. Our public comments delayed the adoption of the plan so that a long­term and short-­term plan for safe, protected bike lanes were incorporated.

Worked with the City on acquiring Active Transportation Project funding to improve infrastructure in disadvantaged neighborhoods. The City has currently received $4.8 million dedicated to bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

Presented recommendations for safe, protected bike lanes and safe walking routes in the City of Santa Ana’s Downtown Complete Streets Plan. The majority of the proposals presented by SAAS were approved for the next study phase.

SAAS has hosted a variety of community activities, including a regular series of group rides and bike safety courses.

SAAS has served as a resource for community information at booths at various public events, including SOMOS (Santa Ana's first open streets event) and the Santa Ana 5K.


The Bicycle Tree works closely with SAAS to foster the growing Active Transportation movement in Santa Ana. 


SAAS' mission: cultivating diverse community participation in creating a safe & accessible environment for active transportation in Santa Ana.